klr650 adjustable cam gear Adjustable cam gear allows for the unlimited adjustment of cam timing, either advanced or retard. It will allow you to set cam timing 100% to design spec.  Adjustable cam gears are used to accurately move the power curve up or down in the RPM range.  Some did fabricate adjustable cam gear for the KLR650 but unfortunately those efforts allowed for very limited adjustment. The KLR650’s cam timing from the factory has proved to be all over the place. The “MC-Mod” calls for the exhaust cam to be advanced one full tooth, hoping that it would lead to extra performance. Unfortunately this “free” modification in most instances does nothing other than reduce power.

 What constitute a good quality adjustable cam gear?

klr650 cam gear with 20 degree adjustabilityIn the case of the KLR650 a good quality adjustable cam gear will allow for infinite adjustment for one full tooth advanced or retard. The cam gears must be sturdy, easy to use and once locked in place should not move. The KLR650 adjustable cam gear we make and now offer for sale does exactly that. It will allow for 10 degrees of infinite adjustment it either direction, advanced or retard. (20º combined) This will allow you to setup cam timing with absolute accuracy to make power either low down in the rpm range or move the power higher up in the rpm range for long distance cruising. It makes installing after market cams and setting them up a breeze.

Degreeing cams is time consuming, calls for accuracy and paying attention, but is fun and allows one to explore the power curve you enjoy most. Check out: How to degree the KLR650 cams

What does it mean to degree cams.

The purpose of checking or degreeing the camshaft is to determine whether or not the camshaft is installed in the correct relationship or phasing with the crankshaft. Is all done based on camshaft degrees and crankshaft degrees hence the name degreeing.

A customer came to us with a request to see if we can move the power band slightly higher up in the RPM range. 90% of his travels are done on paved roads. If he does leave the paved roads he will only travel on dirt roads that is fairly well maintained. The 2 dyno graphs below is the before and after result after degreeing the cams. The power curved moved close to a 1000 RPM higher up in the RPM range without loosing any significant torque on the bottom side. The gain in horse power was a bonus.

before adjustable cam gear

Notice the rough power curve before cam degree

after degreeing with adjustable cam gear

Notice the smooth power curve after cam degree


The adjustable cam gear set will be shipped to you preset to +/_ 108° exhaust lobe center and 112° intake lobe centers. These settings will get you very close. Maximum optimization will require you to degree the cams.

We are trying to source an affordable and reliable supplier in the US to cut the gear section of the adjustable cam gears for us.  Until we can find one we have to implement a core charge on the cam gear set. The core charge will allow us to make available the adjustable cam gear set at an affordable price. Your core charge will be refunded as soon as a usable set of KLR650 cam gears has been received from you.