430 gram piston for klr650 fuel injected engineBuilding the KLR650 fuel injected engine to last and handle the additional horsepower is key to the project.

To make the engine smoother and handle the extra power, a 102 mm custom made forged piston weighing in at 430 grams was designed and then made by CP Pistons. Because a tune-able engine management system will be installed a compression ratio of 10.5:1 is chosen.

Millennium Technologies bore and hone the cylinders to an exact piston to wall clearance of 0.0025″

A 0.017″ multi layer steel head gasket will do the sealing between the sleeve and cylinder head.

Tuning the KLR650 fuel injected engine

Tune-ability of the Engine Management System allows for the save use of lower grade fuels. Yet it will allow the performance aficionados to tune for maximum performance. Because of its rapid and uncontrolled burn lower grade fuels need less timing. Higher octane fuels burn slower and more controlled therefore more ignition timing can be used

Oil Supply.

To make sure that oil supply to the KLR650 fuel injected engine is adequate the PDW mod was performed. This modification lowers the oil pressure and force all the oil through the oil filter.

Benefits of the PDW mod is :

  • Slight increase in horsepower because the a lower oil pressure has to be maintained. Yes turning the oil pump uses horsepower . The higher the pressure the more horsepower needed to drive the pump
  • Less oil on the cylinder wall